NASA, in its attempts to find the evidence of life beyond Earth, is developing a `chemical laptop‘, which will a portable chemical laboratory for detecting fatty and amino acids outside the planet.

The ‘laptop’ is battery-powered and works for analyzing materials associated with life.

Jessica Creamer, who is a postdoctoral fellow at NASA, said, “If this instrument were to be sent to space, it would be the most sensitive device of its kind to leave Earth,” as reported in a post by Times of India.

Nasa Develops 'Chemical Laptop' For Finding Alien Life

The new ‘chemical laptop’ is of the size of a regular laptop may resemble to many as the tricorder from Star Trek. The new device will have thicker room unlike a regular laptop, which will allow easy chemical analysis of components.

The resultant product is more like a chemical analyzer, which has been designed like a laptop to perform different functions, NASA said.

Fernanda Mora, who is a technologist, said that the device will have new apps for different analysis, as with regular laptops.

Both amino and fatty acids are keys to living and can be found in both living and non-life sources. Amino acids come in two types, Left-handed and right-handed and are like mirror images.

According to the hypothesis of some scientists, life on Earth use only the left-handed amino acids and some belief that life on other worlds may have left-handed amino acids.

However, the scientist also added that if the resources have 50-50 of both amino acids, they might consider it “probably not of biological origin”.