Luke Skywalker’s beard may have just revealed a Death-Star-sized spoiler for Star Wars Episode VIII and IX. Well, Mark Hamill’s tweet about his beard, to be precise.

The Universe’s favourite Jedi – the one we see a glimpse of in the final minutes of The Force Awakens – took to Twitter to wave goodbye to his facial fur.

But the simple message just caused a massive disturbance in the force/Star Wars fandom. Why? That hashtag: “at least until #EpisodeIX”, which gives a huge indication that Skywalker (and his beard) will survive Episode VIII (out December 2017) and return for Star Wars IX.

It would make sense. After all, (spoilers ahoy!) Han Solo met his end in Episode VII – could Star Wars really kill off two old fan favourites in two films?

Well, it is possible. Hamill could just reappear in Episode IX as a force ghost akin to Obi Wan Kenobi in the final two instalments of the original trilogy. Plus, Hamill’s said his part in Episode VIII is “twice as big” as his role in The Force Awakens, which still means a teeny role as all Skywalker did in Episode VII was standing moodily on top of a hill. Could he be killed off in a brief yet awesome lightsaber fight rumoured in Episode VIII? Or is Hamill playing us, yet again?

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