Ever since the launch and success of Pokemon Go, tons of companion apps for it have been popping in and out of the App Store and Google Play respectively. There are apps that can assist you in calculating whatever it is need to optimize your Pokemon’s statistics, others, well, let’s just say they take advantage of the phenomenon to inject some malware into your phone or mobile device. So at this point of writing, we remind those who read this to be careful on what apps you download from your respective stores as some might harm your device or worse, harvest your private data.

Last week a Pokemon Go cheat surfaced on the internet that is claimed to work without jailbreaking iPhones. It would let users ‘walk’ without actually walking in reality. This ability grants the user to capture Pokemon and collect goodies from Pokestops without moving an inch. As of this writing, the cheat still works even after the latest update on Pokemon Go for iOS, which is somewhat great news for the current users. Though you need to do a few extra steps in order to actually activate the hack, and not everyone is willing to go thru that.

On top of that, another Pokemon Go cheat for the iOS has been spotted, and seems to be ‘legit’. Not only it works on non-jailbroken iPads and iPhones, it actually is a listing in the App Store.

Really? How can we get it?

Well, as of this writing, the listing was shot down for obvious reasons. The app’s name was PokeGOD, by Anobot. The UC Berkeley student used his spare time to develop the cheat app. Similar to other bot cheats, it simulates walking but this time at a particular pace where Niantic Servers couldn’t tell that the walk was actually ‘simulated’, cloaking the user from troubles if being banned. On top of that, it auto-catches any Pokemon that comes on its way. Another unlockable feature is PokeStop spinning, which can be activated if the app is shared with friends, as reported by BGR .

There are similar Pokemon Go bots and cheats out there, but making it to the official App Store makes you want to think that PokeGOD had some short-lived prestige on top of the others. Plus, we ought to give a medal to its developer for slipping thru all of Apple’s app security gates.

PokeGOD was listed at $1.99 on the App Store. Did you manage to score one before it got shot down? Tell us about it on the comment section below.

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