There’s no doubt about it that Hello Games may have overpromised when it comes to the release of “No Man’s Sky.” The procedural adventure game was built up early in the game and was touted as one of this year’s most exciting releases. And it was until it was actually released that fans were quick to attack the new offering from Hello Games and the studio is trying to keep up with the negative reviews.

Now that fans have gotten a taste of “No Man’s Sky,” it seems that they’ve been taking to Steam and other online platforms to express their disappointment with the game. Hello games is trying to keep up with negative reviews, working on updates to keep the game smooth and running. Express reports that even Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has taken the offensive for Hello Games’ Sean Murray.

As Hello Games is trying to keep up with negative reviews about “No Man’s Sky,” Yoshida took to Twitter to share his thoughts in defense of Murray et al. He claims that he has always been “awed, amazed, inspired and energized” by “No Man’s Sky.” Fans were surprised to know that while two players can land on the same planet at the same time, they could not see each other. Murray explained that it’s because the game isn’t multiplayer.

Now that Hello Games is trying to keep up with negative reviews, what does this mean for “No Man’s Sky?” Over at Games Radar, Andy Hartup is suggesting an upgrade to virtual reality. VR is all the rage nowadays, and it definitely would make sense for Hello Games to go down that route eventually.

The question is how to implement VR to something as massive as “No Man’s Sky” because of its procedural methodology but seeing that Murray is a genius, it shouldn’t be difficult to figure out. Do you think “No Man’s Sky” should make a leap to VR anytime soon? Comment below and share your “No Man’s Sky” experience.

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