Overwatch has been rocking the online gaming world for several months now. Since Overwatch was released, it gathered a huge number of active players despite being a pricey game. The RPG-shooter game will run on most of the present computers since it does not demand a high GPU. However, there’s a newly discovered trick on how to play the game with better frames per second by simply disabling this setting.

According to the reports from VG247, a reddit user raydialseeker said that disabling the Dynamic Reflections located in the game’s graphic settings will grant you a huge boost on the frame-rate up to 50 percent. The option is basically showing the character’s reflections on reflective surfaces such as the water pools spreading across all Overwatch maps. Technically, you can still witness reflections whenever you disable the option. However, it is now limited to static which means it is not moving, same goes for the other object present in-game

PC Gamer also mentions that reducing the visual impact to the minimum will give players’ their desired framework since your GPU will not be forced to process numerous dynamic objects throughout the game. It will surely bring a huge difference to the game’s visuals. However, a 30-50 percent additional frame-rate is a great exchange. More importantly performing at your full potential is still significant than your visual presentation.

The report further explains that a GTX 980 Ti graphics card with a 1080p resolution and graphics set to the maximum will give you a frame-rate between 140 and 170. By disabling the Dynamic Reflections and leaving everything else as is, it would now give you a massive frame-rate boost of 190-270 range. Currently, there is no substantial difference between 150 and 250 fps. However, the performance is still significant for players trying to maintain a 60 or more fps on 1440p or 4K resolutions. In addition for those who has a weaker graphics card might give this a shot.

The Article First Appeared In itechpost.com