It’s every Pokemon GO player’s dream to be the very best — to capture those creatures and dominate gyms. Otherwise, it defeats the whole purpose of the game. So, in one way or another, players tend to find ways to leverage themselves against their opponents. Well, speaking of which, here’s how to make those evolved Pokemon a tad stronger than it was before.

Whenever a Pokemon GO creature evolves, there’s that joy knowing that players have something up in their sleeves. They know that somehow, in one way or another, they have a specie that can help them in their journey. However, more often than not, it doesn’t always go the way they wanted it to be.

The idea of this guide here is to power up a Pokemon GO monster to the max — right after it has been evolved. For instance, if a player is at level 27, the max CP of his/her Gyarados should be around 2189. And to power it up, the required amount of dusts should be more or less 4500. Unbeknownst to players, this trick can actually overpower the obtained Pokemon at the said level.

A Pokemon GO player at Reddit (with the username of ArcturusMajor) was able to prove this workaround. He did a couple of tests when his level was only at level 25, using a set of Magikarp dusts and candies. Surprisingly, using the trick mentioned above, it powered up his Pokemon. He stopped, however, when he was nearly close to the level cap. And believe it or not, he exceeded the intended level cap for his level.

According to the aforementioned Pokemon GO player, once powering up is done, the dust requirement of each Gyarado’s subsequent level tends to vary. As a result, he is unable to evolve the creature further. So, the trick he did is to repeat the process over and over again. Thinking that it was a bug, he also did the test with his friend, who yielded the same results.

Simply put, Pokemon GO players must evolve and power up their Pokemon right away to the max. Remember, however, to never leave the game’s page when doing the process. And, as suggested by the said fan, the process should be able to power up the creature to a higher level.

What are your thoughts on this Pokemon GO guide? Have you given it a try already? How was it so far? Share to us your experience at the comment section below!

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