Update 1.2 for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition from Fallout Shelter publisher Bethesda is now available for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Skyrim: Special Edition 1.2 Update launched on PS4 and PC then followed a week later for the Xbox One.

The 1.2 update’s availability on the Xbox One was confirmed on Doom publisher Bethesda Studios’ Twitter account after the update rolled out for the PC and PS4 and announced a week earlier. The update is supposed to resolve several issues such as crashing, stability, and performance. The update also contains various other fixes.

Previously, some players experienced game crashes when they made their transformation from werewolf to human and also when they changed the load order of mods. According to gaming websites GameSpot and VideoGamer.com, players should now be able to make the transformation from a werewolf back to their human form without fear of crashing.

Players are now also able to change the load order of mods without crashing the game. The browsing experience for mods has also received improvements and general bug fixes. According to gaming website Game Rant, before the 1.2 Update, an update for fixes to Skyrim: Special Edition’s audio issues was released. That previous update brought several new and more significant issues .

The earlier update was Update 1.1 on PC and 1.03 on consoles. The most significant problem players encountered is game crashes. Players reported that loading a save file will cause the game to freeze. Some players found that the patch that was supposed to fix issues with NPCs caused further problems with the NPCs.

Other players reported additional issues. There were problems with quests. There were also frame rate issues and texturing problems. Bethesda, publisher of Dishonored 2, released beta patch 1.2 on PC hours after players began to post their complains across social media and Steam. The final Skyrim: Special Edition Update 1.2 is now available for all platforms.

Although many PC players lauded Bethesda, many others have criticized the publisher of Fallout 4 for releasing a buggy product without submitting it to critics for review. These leads to buyers who don’t know if the product they are buying really works properly as advertised.

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