The rumors and speculations about the open world action-adventure video game “Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6” appear to be non-stop online and on a daily basis at that as if the game is about to come out on the gaming consoles and the PC very soon.

However, “GTA 6” seems still too far from happening as latest rumors have apparently pushed back the consensus possible release date from 2018 to 2020 or even 2021, notes Mobile & Apps.

Interestingly, most of the latest rumors are focusing on the possible game locations for “GTA 6.” There have been previous reports saying that the gameplay setting of “GTA 6” is going to be the entire United States.

There were also reports claiming that all the gameplay maps from the previous games of the franchise will be consolidated to be the official gameplay map of the upcoming game.

Subsequently, there were also reports stating that the possible gameplay location of “GTA 6” is London, and then Tokyo, and then just recently, Marseilles in France.

It is only lately that the rumor mills churned out possible new locations including the likes of Russia, Brazil, and Hong Kong, which seem to have been plucked out of nowhere, note some critics.

All these information on the possible gameplay location of “GTA 6” are mere speculations pending the official statement from game developer Rockstar Games so it is best to take them with a grain of salt.

Started working on the development?

With the latest iteration of the open-world Western action-adventure video game “Red Dead Redemption 2” already confirmed for release to the gaming consoles in the fall of next year, Rockstar Games has reportedly started working on the development of “GTA 6.”

Unlike previous rumors about the release date of “GTA 6” happening in 2018, based on the five-year gap between the release year of “GTA 4” and “GTA 5,” latest reports seem to indicate that the earliest that Rockstar Games could release “GTA 6” on the gaming consoles is in 2021.

It is possible, however, that when “GTA 6” comes out, it would already be in the next generation gaming consoles from Microsoft and Sony, the PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Two, respectively.

Based on recent insider info from Rockstar Games, the developer promises to make “GTA 6” a lot better than the already very successful and superb “GTA 5,” which continues to make more money for the company to this day, reports Game & Guide.

While the game developer has not specified anything to make “GTA 6” a lot better than its predecessor, the reports are saying that it would feature more crazy adventures and challenges that gamers would really like.

In addition, the upcoming game shall have a lot of places to explore and much wider and bigger than the virtual world that existed in “GTA 5.”

Teasers from ‘GTA 5’

According to some of the more keen and observant gamers of the “GTA” franchise, there are actually some Easter eggs on “GTA 5” which points to the release of “GTA 6.”

One very interesting Easter egg is a scene where Michael says that he has two tickets to the North Yankton, the city in the inception of the game.

While progressing through the story, Michael revisits North Yankton to actually stop Trevor from going, which indicates that the developers might do a refresh of the once legendary game in the “GTA” franchise.

There is also a wall decal nearby Franklin’s house whereby just below a display banner, the gamer can see the decal mentioning “Liberty rock radio.” The Easter eggs apparently hint that the upcoming game might feature an addition of both Vice City and Liberty City.

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