There’s no doubt that Battlefield 1 is among the first-person games of recent memory that offers a good number of interesting weapons. But within the game, there’s one that always make it to the top. It’s no other than the Martini-Henry, a sniper rifle. Although it’s proven to be deadly, it isn’t that easy to use. But hey, the fun actually stops there. The latest update of the game nerfed it to the point that it’s close to being useless.

In order for Battlefield 1 players to use the aforementioned gun, they need to at least rank ten (as a Scout, obviously). Prior to the new patch, it’s deemed as one of the best. That even a player of not-so-good skill quality can put it to good use. Unfortunately for those who main this weapon, it’s not the same now.

According to Kotaku, the recent Battlefield 1 update made the Martini-Henry weak. It received a lot of changes (call them nerfs), making the sniper rifle a complete joke when utilized. Among these, one that devs focused into is the damage it brings to an enemy’s body parts.

With the new Battlefield 1 patch, the weapon is affected by at least a multiplier of 0.9. The latter figure refers to the lower torso as well as the upper arms. As for both the legs and forearms, it’s around 0.75 multiplier. Thanks to these, the once lethal gun now falls under the category of weapons that offer “sweet-spot mechanism.”

In Battlefield 1, “sweet spot” basically refers to a spot where players can hit to put down an enemy in a single shot. Way before the patch arrived, the aforesaid sniper rifle’s “sweet spot” is a tad short. For instance, an enemy is within thirty or eighty meters, only one shot is required to put him down. That’s of course, if the said spot is hit.

Apparently, as what the DICE explains, most of the battles in the game happens within the above-mentioned range. So, in a sense, players who equipped themselves with the Martini-Henry are on a notch higher compared to those who don’t. Sure, it’s still a hard weapon to use; however, if the aim is right (partnered with luck), the reward is certainly invigorating.

While the thought of nerfing it is quite acceptable, the changes it received is still ridiculous. Because seriously, the weapon’s killing capability in the game has been signficantly decreased. It has no solid killing power, making it a futile gun in the open area. Still, the reception in the community is mixed. There are Battlefield 1 players who believe it was the right to do, while there are those who mocked the changes.

What are your thoughts on the changes DICE made to the Martini-Henry in Battlefield 1? Are you satisfied or not? Do you agree with some players calling it a useless weapon after the changes made? Share to us what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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