It’s safe to say that No Man’s Sky, albeit a failure when it comes to its promised contents, offered surreal space exploration to its fans. And this is the main reason why a fan created an “honest trailer” to the 2016 flagship of Hello Games and contrary to your expectation, it is actually amazing – far better than the original trailer.

Fan Made Trailer on No Man’s Sky

A fan under the Youtube username of Zagisa has created an honest trailer to the 2016’s gaming fiasco, No Man’s Sky. The game was considered to be one of the worst game releases of 2016 due to its failure in delivering the mass expectations of its fans following the enthralling trailer it provided prior to launch. The game even lead to the reconstruction of Steam’s policy upon all of its game listings which now require the developers to provide and use in-game screenshots when listing their products instead of utilizing well-developed images.

Now, following the rubbles of the remains of the once hyped space adventure game, a fan has created an honest trailer that shows the reality of the game – in a beautiful way. The trailer was so precise that fans even said that it should’ve been the trailer to No Man’s Sky – as it’s much better than the broken promise that Sean Murray and his team had advertised. You can see the entire trailer at the video down below.

In other news, No Man’s Sky has broken Steam’s record for the lowest rated game in history; having 68% of its 71,000 reviews to be mainly negative. As a result, the majority of the community has declared the consensus of the game as “overwhelmingly negative.”

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