“Destiny 2”, the sequel to the popular MMO shooter, will come out later this year. A new release from Mega Bloks may offer new insight regarding what to expect from the sequel.

Last month, neoGAF user Nirolak shared that a poster from the Mega Bloks fansite noticed new toy sets on sale on Amazon. What was particularly interesting was one of the sets featured the MMO shooter showing scenes that have not happened in the game yet.

The new sets featured are a Destiny Cabal Goliath Tank Building Set, a Cabal Bruiser Battle Building Set, and an Aspect of Glass Building Set. Only the latter is already available in the game, while the other two have not yet happened.

Games Radar reported that a promotional tweet of the new Destiny Mega Construx construction sets appearing on the company’s official twitter page. While the set is seemingly innocent enough, the Cabal Bruiser Battle Building Set’s description reveals the following:

Set the scene for a clash between a Bruiser’s crushing strength and a master swordsman’s skill

A legendary warrior faces his greatest contest yet in the Tower hangar

Wielding his Raze-Lighter, hero of the Crucible Lord Shaxx prepares to pit his blade against the furious cleavers of a Cabal Red Guard

Two things are off: one, the Cabal invasion of the Tower has not yet happened and two, a Cabal Red Guard does not yet exist in the game. These scenes might genuinely occur at the beginning of “Destiny 2,” according to Games Radar’s report.

These claims have been backed up by Shinobi and Kotaku regarding the Tower and the Cabal. The current game also logically concludes these scenes to take place in the sequel as well, according to neoGAF user Nirolak.

Will these new scenes happen in “Destiny 2?” That remains to be seen. However, it’s very likely that these could happen as a transition to the sequel. We will find out soon since the sequel has already been confirmed to release later this year. What do you think about the new toy leaks? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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