AAPL Stock: There is growing speculation that Apple opposition.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) next huge issue is increased reality. Of course, the tenth day iPhone eight looms massive because the crucial hardware unleash this year, however the new iPhone might otherwise be a part of that Apple AR strategy. a brand new report adds additional fuel to the fireplace, suggesting Apple could have over one,000 engineers presently acting on Associate in Nursing increased reality project in Israel.

The UBS Report on Apple AR Project

UBS analyst Steven Milunovich points out the increasing frequency of Apple corporate executive Tim Cook’s public comments regarding increased reality.

He has repeatedly explicit that AR are a way larger deal than video game, suggesting that Apple isn’t following the trail of Facebook opposition (NASDAQ:FB) and its sense organ Rift VR telephone receiver. whereas suggesting that he believes increased reality may be as huge because the iPhone, Cook additionally points out that he doesn’t see it as a standalone product, however additional as a core technology that’s incorporated into different merchandise.

That suggests the Apple AR focus is on implementing advanced increased reality technology that might be a part of the iPhone eight. There have already been clues that AAPL is up to one thing huge with the new iPhone’s camera. Apple has additionally noninheritable variety of firms acting on technology that might be applicable to increased reality, as well as PrimeSense (3D sensing), RealFace (facial recognition) and Metaio (software-based increased reality solution).