AAPL Stock: Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) ‘tenth-anniversary’ iPhone model, popularly dubbed as the iPhone 8, is expected to incorporate a host of exciting upgrades, including a massively redesigned look. However, the latest rumors have suggested that such interesting additions to the upcoming iPhone 8 could take time to develop which could eventually lead towards a delay in the production of the tech giant’s next flagship smartphone device.

Traditionally, Apple has always utilized September as a month for unleashing its latest iPhone offerings. The current iPhone models were also released during a similar period. Hence, the smartphone world has every reason to believe that the next flagship iPhone will also release during a similar time frame.

The next flagship iPhone model is tipped to ditch its predecessor’s LCD panel and replace it with an OLED display panel. Not only is OLED display technology designed to produce more vibrant and better-looking colors compared to an IPS LCD panel but the former is also designed to be more efficient at conserving power.

For those who don’t know, OLED displays are currently short on supply in the smartphone market. Hence, Apple could potentially require more time to generate its required supply of OLED display technology.

Recent rumors have strongly stated that Apple is looking to incorporate an all-glass look for its next flagship iPhone model. Interestingly, the Cupertino giant has previously introduced such an all-glass look on its previous iPhone 4. Moreover, the Cupertino-based tech giant is expected to incorporate a stainless-steel chassis in its iPhone 8 to reinforce and protect the smartphone device’s all-glass look.

The article first appeared in smartstocknews.com