Destiny, the massive title from developer Bungie is nearing the end of its life. Since its launch, it’s had some ups and downs, but through it all, the game has gotten a very loyal fanbase, one that is sad to see it go, but also excited for the confirmed making of Destiny 2.

To honor the players themselves, Bungie is bringing back certain content for the final event for the game. Mainly, they’re bringing back the Raids that players have long asked to return. Now, they are getting it, and the players are celebrating, some more than others.

Reddit User Abyss_Trinity was so happy that the Raids were coming back, that he decided to make some custom wallpapers featuring the bosses from those Raids. Including Atheon, Crota, Skolas, Oryx, and Aksis.

He plans on doing more before the Raids come out, but for now, these will do for him. There have been plenty of responses to the Reddit post with a bunch of constructive feedback.


As for the Raids themselves, they aren’t just “coming back”, they’re getting some improvements as well. Some will get slight adjustments to how they play, and all are getting new levels of which to challenge them. Another thing they’re all getting is new challenges for players to partake in, thus giving these old dogs some new tricks for players to enjoy.

All of this is part of the “Age of Triumph” which is Bungie’s final event for Destiny, and is a way for them to celebrate the players that have made their title such a success. There’s a lot of extra content, achievements, and rewards that are coming through the event, and all of it leads to the end of Destiny, and the rise of Destiny 2.

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