If you are the kind of player who likes to play Fallout 4 for designing and building the perfect home, or if you spend hours and hours working on them, only to end up with some buildings that don’t look just like you imagined them, then you will be happy to hear some good news. There is a mod now that allows you to upload great settlements for others to enjoy too. This also means that you can download other great settlements made by others and use them as your own.

How does it work?

After installing the mod, you have to look in your inventory and you will find a holotape. If you want, you can craft it yourself at the chemistry station, if you’re more like the DIY type of player. While you are in a settlement, load the tape and you can have access to the blueprint of the entire settlement. You can even customize it to include tamed animals, creatures or items that belong to the DLC or to other settlement mods.

What to be careful with?

Keep in mind that you can’t include power lines in your blueprint. Now you have to close the Pip-boy and the settlement will be exported into the blueprint. Remember to read the installation instructions on the Nexus page of the mod. If you did everything right, you should be able to share the blueprints with your friends or upload them.

The mod is still a beta version, but it sounds really enticing. Many people are looking forward to the well-designed settlements made by others that would help them replace their own shacks and dingy buildings they quit improving long time ago. Bonus! When importing a new settlement, it will automatically destroy the old one.

The article first appeared in tnhonline.com