Rocket League developer Psyonix has announced the brand new Dropshot mode will be released on March 22 – and it is FREE to download.The brand new mode is a distinct take on volleyball, where players have to destroy floor panels on the opposing team’s side.The panels can be destroyed by drop-shotting into the opponent’s area an electrified ball that gets stronger the more it’s hit.

The Dropshot mode takes place in a hexagon shaped arena called Core 707, which has panels that are broken after two successful drop shots.

Rocket League achieved huge popularity after being included in a PS Plus collection almost two years ago. It was later also included as part of Xbox Live’s Gold plans.

Other changes include:

• New arenas

• Painted boosts and finishes

• Unlockable crate items – including the new turbo crate

• The limited edition Endo battle car

• Season 3 rewards

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