The new ARK Survival Evolved update has been confirmed by Studio Wildcard for this week, although there is still a bit of a question mark over when it will be released.

The earliest time has been confirmed on PS4 and Xbox One as for today at around 10pm tonight, however, the actual launch could prove much later than that.

Part of it is down to Studio Wildcard having to place all new updates through a certification process with Microsoft and Sony, who both require it so that no problems are created for their respective networks.

Wildcard have also shed more light on why this new update had been delayed, as well as the big reveal that the Xbox One version will require a huge download and a lot of free space.

“This information will mostly affect Xbox Players, but also has some application to PS4 too,” a Studio Wildcard statement explains.

“The Xbox version of the game is undergoing a massive upgrade to the XDK which will result in a v. large patch.

“There are a lot of changes that will affect perf across the board and may resolve some underlying network issues we had previously (as testing indicates thus far). This is the reason for the delay in the update not being shipped on the 13th.

“This is why we had to delay the update from the 13th until now, it’s still possible for it to release on the 15th, assuming Microsoft are able to take it through full cert + we pass – however as it is a large update, we may not hear back until v. late in the evening U.S time or the next day.

“From speaking to our engineers, they suspect the patch could be 30GB+ (yes I know it’s big, but it was VERY important for us to get this done on Xbox! Yay to progress! PS4 players won’t have to worry about a patch this large, as these are underhood changes related to XB).”

The full Xbox One ARK Survival Evolved Patch Notes:

  • New Dino: Electrophorus
  • New Dino: Microraptor
  • New Dino: Ammonite
  • New Dino: Thylacoleo! New Structure: Tek Forcefield
  • New Structures: Tek Tileset & Tek Doors
  • New additional head head hairstyle and additional facial hairstyle
  • 30 new Explorer Notes
  • Rocket Launcher & C4 rebalance: C4 now does approximately 70% more damage to Structures than Rockets. Rocket Launcher can no longer have Item Stats (though its base Damage has been increased 20% to compensate). Rocket Turrets now take a slight amount of damage when they fire, and can not fire under 5% HP.
  • C4-carrying Flyers now move at a fixed slow speed.
  • Item Stats on all Official Servers are now clamped to negate the old no-longer-achievable OP items generated by than-unbalanced Fishing Rod.
  • Added option for per-Tribe Dino Tame limit, enabling on Official PvE servers with a max of 500 Dinos Per Tribe (with on-screen indicator of Tribe Dino count). To use it, run with ?MaxPersonalTamedDinos=Number
  • Added option to auto-destroy claimable decayed dinos on load, rather than have them remain around as Claimable. To use this, run with ?AutoDestroyDecayedDinos=true. Official PvE servers now have this enabled.
  • Various network optimizations. Major rendering and threading optimizations to come in subsequent minor version update.

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