The Division was Ubisoft’s fastest selling IP in history when it launched last year. However, the game has had little to celebrate since as the user base has dropped off rapidly due to glaring issues, some of which still continue to persist.

That, however, hasn’t deterred Massive Entertainment to continue to support and improve their beloved game and thus we start this article. The Division’s Year 2, content was originally rumoured to include a story expansion that built on and continued the tale of the rogue Division agent. Alas, it seems that we will not be seeing a story expansion any time soon. As part of their recent livestream, Massive Entertainment laid out the rough blueprint for their plans for the game when it comes to the Year 2 content, and a story expansion is nowhere on the cards. What will be a part of the Year 2 content though is an event system that drive players to certain activities, leaderboards and unique vanity items available only through these activities.

Additionally, Massive is planning to introduce a quick swap gear system that allows players to swap between their favourite loadouts on the fly. It sounds pale in comparison to what was initially believed to be a part of the Year 2 content, and frankly, it is.  The Division did a great job at telling a decent story in a hauntingly immersive environment, however, serious bugs, glitches, balancing issues and cheaters more or less killed the PvP aspect of the game early on. The disappointing part is that these issues have remained throughout the game’s lifespan and some still exist today, so it’s kind of hard to make a case for the game unless you really enjoy the grinding and farming, which I actually do.

I personally feel that with the introduction of last stand, Massive needs to focus more on fleshing out and balancing the PvP aspect of the game, before embarking on any more massive content updates.

I have always found The Division to a be a very good game and a really good stress buster after a long day at work. It’s a shame seeing it die out, as most notable content creators on YouTube, who have been the primary reason for this game still being relevant, have decided to call it quits with regards to The Division, and are moving on from this once beloved game to a sort of newer and better version with Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

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