It has been announced just hours before MLG’s CWL Dallas event that Infused’s Call of Duty team has been acquired by Millenium.

The British squad are considered one of Europe’s top teams after recently finishing fourth at ESWC’s CWL Paris event in February.

Sitting in second position in the EU CoD Pro Points standings, the new Millenium squad are all but guaranteed a place in the CWL Global Pro League, starting in April 2017.

The French organisation has supported British squad throughout their history, including winning both stages of the European CWL Pro Division during Black Ops 3. When that squad split at the start of Infinite Warfare, they chose to pick up a side of French players, but due to poor results, they were officially dropped on March 15th.

The news means that players Mark ‘MarkyB’ Bryceland and Adam ‘Peatie’ Peate will leave Infused after being part of the British-based organisation since 2015 during Advanced Warfare.

No official figure has been reported.

The new look Millenium team will be fighting out of Pool B at the $200,000 CWL Dallas event, starting on March 17th. They play against eUnited, Mindfreak and Cloud9 in pool B.

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