With the upcoming 20th year anniversary of the “Pokemon” anime, many gamers have been hoping that Niantic will release a special “Pokemon Go” event to commemorate the said milestone. Recently, a Japanese company’s promotion video hinted of a potential in-game event that might involve Pikachu and Ash’s hat.

Over the years, avid fans have seen the various adventures of the trainer Ash and his trusty Pokemon sidekick Pikachu in the “Pokemon” anime series. First released in April 1997, the said series became one of the popular Japanese anime in the world where Pikachu became the franchise’s mascot. In “Pokemon Go,” various versions of Pikachu also appeared in Niantic’s game during special holidays.

Given the impending anniversary of the “Pokemon” anime, many gamers are expecting Niantic to unveil a similar event in the coming weeks. A marketing clip released by Japanese movie theater chain TOHO, as obtained by Daily Star, even contained elements that hinted of a potential event for “Pokemon Go.”

In the clip, Pikachu can be seen spinning what appears to be Pokestop. Several Pokeballs then emerged from the Pokestop, as well as Ash’s hat, which fell on top of Pikachu’s head. Gaming speculations posted on the said news site indicated that Niantic might deploy another special Pikachu in “Pokemon Go” wearing Ash’s cap.

However, the gaming company might also opt to change the mechanics of the speculated “Pokemon Go” event, as indicated in the same report. Instead of catching a special Pikachu, gamers might receive several variations of Ash’s hat, as well as a few other treats, when spinning a Pokestop.

At this time, it is still unclear if a special “Pokemon Go” treat will be released to celebrate the anime’s anniversary. Niantic has neither confirmed nor denied the speculated in-game event.

In other news, Niantic might soon introduce a new game setting to “Pokemon Go.” The gaming company’s Director of Interaction and Visual Design Dennis Hwang revealed during the Game Developers Conference 2017 that they initially designed a sunset visual for the mobile gaming app, Pokemon Go Hub quoted the executive as saying.

The said setting was scrapped due to Niantic’s limited manpower and tight launch deadlines. Game developers are now looking at introducing the sunset visuals to “Pokemon Go,” according to Hwang. However, he did not disclose the team’s planned release date for the said enhancement.

The article first appeared in isportstimes.com