The first proper DLC for “Final Fantasy 15” dubbed Episode Gladiolus will be released on March 28 alongside a patch that is said to introduce big changes to the game’s popular Chapter 13. Square Enix made Episode Gladiolus available to play last week at PAX East 2017 in Boston and there have been details coming out regarding its gameplay.

Episode Gladiolus has been inspired by the “Final Fantasy 15” events where players will be reminded through a flashback that happened earlier in the game, which sees the character Ravus winning the king’s shield.

For Gladiolus, the battle is a crisis so he decides to separate away from the main group for a while to face his own fears. Producer Haruyoshi Sawatari told Polygon through a translator during a guided tour in Square Enix studio in Japan that Episode Gladiolus will take up to two hours to complete and numerous new game modes will unlock upon completion.

One of the new game modes is a score attack mode that will need “Final Fantasy 15” players to work, for them to obtain the highest score and unlock more rewards. Express reports that Gladiolus focuses on huge offense as well as exact defense and can charge up powerful moves that serve massive damages. Additionally, he also has a block and guard capability to develop a rage meter with a series of successfully timed blocks, which adds a multiplayer to destroy once he dishes out.

There is also part of the gameplay where Gladiolus can tear pillars out of the ground and smash the opponents with them like a professional wrestler and use those massive stones as weapons. Sawatari said that the main focus was to uncover what Gladiolus’ fighting style was like. “And also designing it so that it fits inside of “Final Fantasy 15″ as a whole so that it’s not a departure from that, but instead a complementary part of the whole experience,” he said.

“Final Fantasy 15” Episode Gladiolus follows the story of Gladiolus facing his own demons alone and reveals how he got the brutal scar on his forehead during a fight with Gilgamesh, the blade master.

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