GOOG Stock: It may not feel like it on the East coast with mounds of snow still piled along the streets, but today is the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. (Of course, if you’re below the equator, it’s actually the first day of autumn.

Google has marked the equinox, which is when the day and night are equal in length, with a doodle to mark the changing of the seasons.

The word equinox comes from the Latin for equal and night, Google explains. Almost everywhere in the world today, nighttime and daytime are each 12 hours. The equinox is used to mark the change of seasons, as the days grow longer and nights shorter.


In the fall, the equinox usually means that it’s time to hunker down for colder seasons, and in the spring it’s time to rise and shine for warmer ones.

Because the seasons are opposite depending on which side of the equator you live, the Google Doodle in the Northern Hemisphere shows a cute, little mouse in his underground nest preparing for spring with a broom and giant daffodil in a vase. Meanwhile, the Doodle for the Southern Hemisphere marks the first day of autumn and features the same little mouse in a red scarf sipping hot tea.

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