Hello Games has launched its latest “No Man’s Sky” 1.23 patch update for PC and PlayStation 4. The latest patch that was released on March 17 appears to have fixed some of the biggest issues that keep bothering the game following the release of the Pathfinder expansion based on the players’ feedback.

It includes some changes as well as the notable new option to have the frame rate of the PS4 version locked to 30 FPS to ensure gameplay stability. Express reports that apart from introducing new vehicles for players to use to explore the game, support for PS4 Pro, visual improvements and base-sharing, the Pathfinder update focused mainly on the improvements of the latest additional vehicles.

“No Man’s Sky” 1.22 patch update has enabled the new Exocraft Geobays to be crafted on any planet, which means that vehicles can now be convened anywhere. The update was more on resolving the issues with the new vehicles as well as major improvements and changes including new shops and traders, according to PlayStation Universe.

As for “No Man’s Sky” 1.23 patch update, it is targeting the other main issues of the game including the sentinel drones that can now investigate accurately while inside a vehicle and the Exocraft mining lasers are now made easier to aim up. It has fixed the HDR rendering that’s being dark on some of the TV models, the performance of UI rendering in HDR has been improved and it has also optimized HBAO (Horizon-Based Ambient Occlusion) so it will run faster.

It can be recalled that Hello Games’ “No Man’s Sky” won the Innovation Award during the Game Developers Choice 2017 earlier this month but the developers weren’t center stage to accept the award.

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