The Latest Rocket League Update is out now that offers Dropshot Mode and Season 4. The patch notes are also released by the developer Psyonix.

The new Rocket League update is pout now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The update released at 6 pm (US Time) and it brings with it the much awaited Dropshot Mode and Season 4.
Season 3 is now officially ended and the Season 4 has started. This season brings the following changes to the game.

New Set of Skill Rankings

The new Season 4 of Rocket League has brought a new set of skills for the players. This skill will allow the players to have clear divisions between the various in-game Skill Levels.

Players are Now Classified

All the players are now classified in the game with Bronze, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamond, Champion, and Grand Champion Ranks. The new modified Grand Champion is now harder to attain as compared to the Season 3’s grand Champion.

Only Four Divisions Per Skill Tier

The game has now only Four Divisions Per Skill Tier. This happens because each Tier now covers a smaller range of Skills.

The Developer Psyonix also recently announced that the new Dropshot mode is now available in the game. It’s a distinctive Volleyball that allows the players to break the floor panels on the side of opposing team. The panels are breakable via Dropshots in the opponent’s area. This all becomes reality with an electrified ball that gets more and more stronger on every new hit.

The brand new Dropshot mode takes place inside an Arena named as Core 707. The Arena has a number of panels that are breakable with only two powerful Dropshots. To shed more light on the Dropshot, Psyonix said that this new Dropshot mode is all about heavy damages. This damage will definitely be a new start with Goals, Assists, and Saves.

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