Final Fantasy XV has a unique photography system that lets players document their journey while still having some form of connection to the plot. However, here is what actually happens near the ending if a player does not save any of Prompto’s images.

The Ending Scene Without Any Screenshots

Redditor Asetoni recently posed a question regarding photography in the game. For those unaware, Noctis will request to look at all of the photos during their journey before finally facing against the final boss. Naturally, this is one way for players to recollect their thoughts and remember all of the moments they shared with the cast.

Moreover, Noctis will show the picture to Luna during the final scene and also becomes the certificate of completion. In line with this, the netizen asked what would happen if a player does not save even one photo during the whole game. Luckily, fellow Redditor M0nk3y1987 answered that fans will still have a choice between two photos: the Regalia picture taken at the very start of the game or the group shot before the cast left for Altissia.

Final Fantasy XV And The Photography System

That aside, photography is a major feature in the game as it has its own set of goals, as per Gamasutra. Firstly, photos must act as an achievement for players for accomplishing certain feats. Next, these pictures should also act as a type of narrative that stirs the player’s imagination. A picture of Noctis and Ignis together would give off the impression that they have some sort of personal life behind the game.

Finally, images must be fun, unique and can easily be shared online. With this in mind, fans can easily sort and pick the pictures they want before posting them on social media. Square Enix has poured in plenty of effort with the game’s other mechanics to make it feel like players are on an adventure. Those who want to experience Final Fantasy XV can get a copy for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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