One of the many big titles to be announced back at E3 2015 was Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands by Ubisoft. The open world first person shooter was received with a warm welcome and here’s what you need to know including the latest Ghost Recon Wildlands DLC rumours, pricing, platforms, gameplay details and more. Read next: most anticipated games

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When was the Ghost Recon Wildlands release date?

Ghost Recon Wildlands UK release date: 7 March 2017

After numerous delays, the Ghost Recon Wildlands release date was 7 March 2017, and is now available to buy in the UK.

Watch Ubisoft’s E3 live stream replay here.

How much does Ghost Recon Wildlands cost in the UK?

Ghost Recon Wildlands is available not only for PC, but PS4 and Xbox One too, although Xbox 360 and PS3 users are out of luck. Prices start at £42 from Amazon, although the exclusive “deluxe edition” can be picked up from the likes of GAME for £55. Of course, you can also buy it digitally from the likes of the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store and Steam.

If you’re committed enough you can also buy Ghost Recon Wildlands: Gold Edition, which Amazon has for £94.99. That includes a DLC season pass for the planned two major expansions to the game, along with extra free content such as The Huntsman rifle and motorbike, an XP booster, and a selection of emblems, weapon camos, and character customisation items.

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When will the Ghost Recon Wildlands DLC be released?

Following the March launch of Ghost Recon Wildlands, the first paid piece of DLC entitled Narco Road is set to launch on 18 April 2017 for those that bought the game’s season pass.

Unfortunately, those that didn’t purchase the season pass will have to wait a little longer; until 25 April 2017 to be precise. The DLC will cost $14.99 in the US with UK pricing yet to be confirmed, although we imagine it’ll be similarly priced (£14.99). Either way, we’ll update this section with UK pricing once the DLC becomes available.

In Narco Road, players must go undercover to hunt down three smuggling groups and take down their leader, El Invisible. The three gangs are comprised of a motorcycle gang, a street racing gang and, rather interestingly, an extreme sports aircraft gang.

There will be 15 missions within the DLC, along with four new types of side mission and racing challenges.That’s not all either, as there will be nine new weapons, four new outfits and four new vehicles too.

What can we expect from Ghost Recon Wildlands gameplay?

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is the first military shooter set in a massive and responsive open world, according to Ubisoft. It’s set in Bolivia, a few years from now where the country has become the largest cocaine producer in the world. It makes a nice change from previous Tom Clancy games like Advanced Warfighter or Future Soldier that take place in the more distant future.

The Santa Blanca drug cartel has turned the country into a narco-state, leading to lawlessness, injustice, and violence. The Ghosts, an elite US Special Forces team, is sent behind enemy lines to wreak havoc and takedown the cartel,” said Ubisoft.

So, what can we expect from Ghost Recon Wildlands? Let’s start with the environment. As mentioned by Ubisoft, the game is set in a huge and responsive open world, and is actually the first game to offer an open world with nine varying types of terrain, including mountains and deserts, and also includes its own dynamic weather system and day-night cycle.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands release date, price, platforms and official trailerWith open games, methods of travel are important – you don’t want to spend your whole time travelling between checkpoints, do you? You’ll be glad to know that Ghost Recon Wildlands will feature a range of vehicles and bikes will be available throughout the world, and will be driven by AI for a GTA-esque snatch-and-drive experience.

Ghost Recon Wildlands will also feature a number of side missions, a feature that has been notably missing from previous Tom Clancy games.

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