The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Runs At 60fps on Xbox One X, As Long As You Don’t Update It


The Xbox One X naturally introduces performance and resolution upgrades to all games, through sheer brute force of its powerful hardware, even if those games are unpatched. One of those games is actually CD Projekt RED’s excellent The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt– which, in an amusing anomaly, will run at almost 60fps on the Xbox One X, as long as you don’t download the any updates for it.

See, the reason for this is simple- the game apparently runs at an uncapped framerate, and with the extra hardware that the Xbox One X makes available to it, it can go beyond the original intended 30fps target, and come close to hitting 60fps consistently. This only happens with unpatched versions of the game (later updates for the title would lock the framerate at 30fps).

Interestingly enough, there will be an official enhancement upgrade for the game for Xbox One X, too- it is supposed to add graphical updates like ambient occlusion, as well as 4K resolution support. It will also, likely, keep the game locked to the 30fps framerate. Which means that if you want to play the title at 60fps on consoles, an unpatched Xbox version of the game on an Xbox One X is really your best bet.



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