Xbox One X breaks the 60fps barrier with The Witcher 3


The PC gaming community has long lampooned consoles for not being able to hit 60fps, even at 720p for most AAA titles, which can be attributed to the relatively limited hardware prowess of consoles. The 60fps argument has been an ongoing debate among gamers for decades, with both sides presenting a mix of healthy and downright ludicrous claims, the most popular one being that the human eye cannot see beyond 30fps. All that is set to change now, with The Witcher 3, a massively popular AAA title, now runs at 60fps on its Xbox One X version.

The Witcher 3 shipped with an unlocked frame rate for the Xbox One X which could potentially let it reach 60fps with the occasional drop in frame rate while transversing through a texture-rich portion of the map. The increased frame rate, however, does affect the resolution of the game, which drops to 900p. 1080p was possible at 30fps to ensure smoother gameplay.

A new patch for The Witcher 3 is set to be released shortly, which enables the game to be played at 4K. Other graphical improvements include higher-quality shadows, higher resolution textures, added support for ambient occlusion and improved texture filtering. The Witcher 3, being an open world game, will benefit the most from an overall boost in visual performance.

The game has stunning visuals, with landscapes ranging from archipelagos to grasslands to snow-capped mountains and pushes even the latest GPUs to the limit at higher resolutions. There is no denying the fact that the Xbox OneX is the most powerful console in the market at the moment, and the Witcher 3 is one of the games that can utilize the power of the console to deliver never before seen graphics on a console.

4K and HDR are the future of gaming, with 4K TVs and monitors becoming more common among gamers. What do you think about The Witcher 3? Let us know in the comments below.


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