Ark’s creative director talks continued commitment to the game


“We’ll have more to say about that probably early to mid next year about what’s going on with the fi… I don’t wanna say final, the next planned expansion for Ark, because as long as people wanna buy the content and continue getting into Ark we’re gonna keep making keep making stuff for it, because it is a successful IP, more successful than we even thought it would be going into this, and we’ve really fallen in love with this game that we’ve made with the community,” he explained.

“It’s different than we thought, when we started, but in a lot of ways such a better experience, and because of things like early access and Xbox Game Preview, we’ve been able to develop this game with the community, rather than toiling away in secrecy for three-and-a-half years and releasing something that we hope is good, so we are feeling pretty good about it these days and we’re very happy about the future of the work we’re doing.”

Before the interview concluded, Rapczak also added that there’s a lot of stuff not even announced for the game yet too, including “products” and “game modes.” What do you want to see from Ark in the future?


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