Pokemon Go Mixes Up Time Change, Raids Ending Two Hours Earlier


Pokemon Go‘s raids don’t appear at night, presumably to keep players from frequenting parks and other public areas after closing hours. Originally, raids wouldn’t appear between 9 PM and 9 AM the following morning, but Pokemon Go gradually shifted those times to give players a chance to battle in raids a bit earlier while ending raids a bit earlier to keep up with the shorter days.

However, Pokemon Go didn’t immediately shift the times during the recent shift into Daylight Savings Time. In the United States, raids were appearing as early as 5 AM, while the last raids were appearing around 4:30 PM, which meant that raids were ending as early as 6:30 PM.

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pokemon go time

Pokemon Go made a much needed shift to the raid cutoff times in the United States on Friday, pushing the raids back by an hour. On Friday, players in the United States noticed that raid eggs didn’t appear until 6 AM (which means a 7 AM start time for the actual raids) while the last raid eggs appeared on the map around 5:30 PM, which meant that raids lasted until around 7:30 PM.

So, Pokemon Go fixed the Raid issue, right? Well, now it looks like some other changes were made overnight. Players around the world woke up on Saturday morning to find that raids were now starting and ending two hours earlier than they did yesterday. Players in Russia complained that raids were appearing as early as 4 AM and ending at 6:45 PM, which takes away valuable raiding time in the evening.

This seems to be a worldwide issue, as players from Australia to Europe are reporting the two hour shift. It’s almost as if Pokemon Go mixed up the time shift and pushed their internal game clock forward instead of setting it back to match the recent time shift.

We’ll have to see if this was an intentional move or just a mistake that gets corrected sometime today. Either way, Pokemon Go players might want to wake up and get moving if they want to get some raids finished today.


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