ARK: Survival Evolved “Needs To Have A Sequel At Some Point” – Studio Wildcard


Studio Wildcard’s ARK: Survival Evolved has been a “finished” product for a few months now and while there are still improvements to be made, it’s come a long way from its days in Early Access. That being said, even if improvements are made in the coming days, a sequel arriving at some point in the future may not be impossible.

This is according to co-creative director Jesse Rapczak who told DualShockers that the team was monitoring performance for the upcoming expansion Aberration. The next expansion after this is already in pre-production and set to release in 2018 but if expectations are met, the studio may have other ideas.

“I think, you know, as we get down the line, over the next year or two, ARK needs to have a sequel at some point. It’s definitely gonna be on our minds about when it’s the right time to something like that.”

This doesn’t mean that a sequel is currently in development but that the success of the first game would be enough to warrant one down the line. The studio currently has a “bunch of great ideas” that will be coming to ARK: Survival Evolved so once the next few expansions arrive, the road for the future will be clearer.


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