Destiny 2 Players Unhappy About IP Exposure


When you play a video game, you expect certain things from the developer who makes it. One of them being that you don’t expect to get your device hurt by playing the game. Meaning, no malicious code, no bugs that spread, etc. But, in the case of Destiny 2, Bungie apparently makes it so players’ IPs are exposed, which has led to some unfortunate instances in regards to PVP, and the player base isn’t happy about it.

Specifically, this comes from player CreamStrude!, who rants about his experience on Reddit. Apparently, he was playing a 4v4 match when he got kicked from the match via his opponents (he had proof of this) through DDoS, which now left his team (after another attack) at a 2v4 disadvantage.

The real problem here is that Bungie doesn’t protect the IPs like they should in players’ eyes, leading to DDoS attacks like this. The solution? Dedicated servers for PVP play, that way the IPs can be more protected. But, many don’t think that Bungie will do it, because they don’t “care about the gamers” as some said on Reddit.

And that’s not all they said, many are confused that Activision doesn’t have dedicated servers for a game that thrives on multiplayer gameplay like Destiny 2 does. Many see this not just as an oversight, but as an insult. The real difference here is that Destiny 2 has a PC port, which makes it so hackers and those with malicious intent can do more things without having strict security to worry about.


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