Destiny 2: Winner of Second Faction Rally Revealed


Over the past week, the Destiny 2 Faction Rally event has been taking place. The event lets players pledge their fealty to a specific faction, completing activities for tokens and redeeming those tokens in exchange for Faction engrams.

The Faction Rally event ended today and Destiny 2 players have discovered that the winner is New Monarchy. New Monarchy’s victory means that a sword called Honor’s Edge has been unlocked for all players to purchase, with those who fought under the New Monarchy banner getting a big discount when they purchase the weapon.

Many Destiny 2 players are delighted with how the latest Faction Rally event played out. While New Monarchy was offering a sword, Future War Cult was offering a fusion rifle, and Dead Orbit (which won the previous Faction Rally) was offering a grenade launcher. Destiny 2 players largely agree that grenade launchers are the worst weapon type in the game due to poor hit detection, so many players jumped for joy when they learned that the Dead Orbit ‘space goths’ had not triumphed again.

Humorously, some players say that the only reason they pledged to New Monarchy is that they were too lazy to walk all the way back across the Tower to revisit the other faction representatives. That’s an unusual reason to support a faction, but at least fans are happy with how things turned out.

Destiny 2 Honor's Edge New Monarchy sword

This is also the first event to take place after Bungie made some changes to Faction Rally tokens. The developer tweaked the way that players could earn tokens, including a better way for players to earn tokens from completing Lost Sectors as a fireteam, instead of just destroying supply drops.

And although Bungie also nerfed the supply drop token farming strategy, Destiny 2 players did discover a new way to farm tokens from Lost Sectors. Perhaps many New Monarchy supporters used this clever method to put their faction ahead of the competition.

As it stands, the changes to Faction Rally are a step in the right direction but there is still a lot of work to be done. Not everyone has been on-board with the Destiny 2 token system, but the Faction Rally is the first evidence of change.

Bungie has not announced the next Destiny 2 Faction Rally event just yet. But hopefully, it will provide more rewards and more fun ways for players to grind for tokens together.

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