‘Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition’ News: Requirements for Android Version Revealed


The “Pocket Edition” of “Final Fantasy 15” is on its way. But before fans make plans to get it on their smartphones, they will first have to make sure that their devices are capable of handling the game.

The Google Play listing for the game was updated just recently, and it now contained different requirements.

First off, players will have to make sure that their devices are updated to Android 5.0 or something newer. Notably, there are some Android devices that will not be able to support the game even if they are at version 5.0 and above.

The RAM requirement for the mobile game is set at 2 GB and up. Players planning to get the high-resolution version of this title will have to free up at least 8 GB of memory. Those who are getting the lower resolution version will still have to make sure that they have 5 GB of memory available.

Once prospective “Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition” players have met all those requirements, they should be able to get the game.

Interested fans can also pre-register for the game. Those who choose to pre-register will receive a notification as soon as the game hits Google Play.

Fans may not have to wait that much longer for the game, as it is already due out this fall.

The “Pocket Edition” of the 2016 role-playing game features all of the main characters as well as the central narrative included in the original game.

The character models look different this time around, however, though they retain enough of their defining physical traits that fans should still be able to tell who’s who.

Ten episodes in total are included in the game, and the first one is going to be released for free.

Aside from the Android version, developers are also going to release “Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition” for iOS and Windows 10 devices.


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