Pokemon GO New Avatar Items Tie-In with Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon


New avatar items have arrived to Pokemon GO. If they seem inappropriately summery for the season, there’s a reason for that. The new customization items are a direct tie-in with Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon and the tropical region called Alola. There are clothes for both male and female avatars, and include shorts, a tank top, a floral top, straw hat, and so on. Whether you want to show support for Ultra Sun and Moon, like flaunting your avatar customization, or just miss the summer, you might be tempted to pick these up.

In an interesting little twist, Pokemon GO is introducing several different avatar items that tie in with other Pokemon games. I say interesting, because there is very little overlap between GO and other games from the franchise. Well, according to the Pokemon GO website, you are now able to dress your avatar that evokes the Alola region from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon. Of course, both female and male avatars will get new outfits. It’s an interesting bit of promotion for the two 3DS games, which come out this Friday, on November 17th.

Considering the onset of winter in the northern hemisphere, the clothes might seem a little strange, but what can you do. Maybe they’ll help you get through the cold season more easily. Girls get a floral, sleeveless top, white shorts, and a wide-brimmed straw hat. Boys, on the other hand, get a red hat, a tank top, and what looks like swimming trunks with leggings, which is an interesting combo. Whether it’s appropriate for the season or not, I have no doubt that trainers will be grabbing these clothes, either to show off, or to show their support for Pokemon as a franchise. Or both, maybe.


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