Destiny 2: here’s how to beat the Leviathan Raid Challenge in the Pleasure Gardens


This week’s Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid Challenge in the Pleasure Gardens.

This is a very simple Leviathan raid challenge for experienced Destiny 2 players. In all, it took Arekkz and his team about three minutes to complete it, and you should be able to do the same with sufficient weapons and teamwork.

If you are unfamiliar with relics, challenges and the like, our super Destiny 2 guide will explain it all in detail for you. It’s also worth looking at our Leviathan Raid page if you’ve had any trouble with the Pleasure Gardens, or any other part of the Raid.

This raid challenge requires two players to stand at the top of the platform in the safe room holding relics. These players will ‘fire’ these relics at the plants on the floor of the room (where the other four players are) in order to give their teammates – who are all holding pollen spores – a buff.

The challenge here is the relic holders can only shoot one plant per phase, but with careful timing and effective shooting you can one phase the dogs and clear this challenge easily.

This video from Arekkz, below, shows how it’s done.

If you can get a 24 stack, the folks on the ground can take out the dogs without too much trouble, and the relic holders can also fire their relics at them for massive damage. Doing this in one phase, taking out all six dogs from two buffs, means that the two relic holders only need to shoot the flowers once, and the whole thing is over very quickly.


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