Fallout 5 Is Not Coming Out Until Beyond 2020!


Fallout has got a really complex release pattern and this makes it hard to predict when the next sequel is going to get released.

Just so you know, the original Fallout game was launched in 1997 and it took only a year for Fallout 2 to get released. However, when it comes to Fallout 3, it took ten years for the game to make its debut although there were two spin-off Fallout games getting launched in-between.

Then there is Fallout New Vegas that came out 2 years after Fallout 3 and it was then succeeded by Fallout 4 which came out a couple of years ago.

With that in mind, the next sequel – Fallout 5- is likely to enjoy a quick release or a much delayed release. We believe that it is going to be with the latter because there is no sign of Fallout 5 to be in development at the moment.

Bethesda has openly admitted that they are busy with Fallout 4 VR as well as some other new IPs. Even the Elder Scrolls Series are on a hold as a result on Bethesda’s unimaginable goals.

With Fallout 4 VR still pending to show any signs of completion, we can safely say that it will be years until Fallout 5 starts getting developed. It may be too early to speculate but we expect Fallout 5 to step into development in 2021 before getting launched in 2023. What do you think?


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