Destiny 2 Infinite Forest Will Let You Travel Through Time on Mercury


Until yesterday, we’ve only heard bits and pieces about the Infinite Forest, one of the areas in Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris. The latest livestream revealed a lot of info about the area. It turns out it’s actually a time machine of sorts, which will let you explore Mercury in the future and past, even across alternate timelines. Destiny 2 is going full Marvel with Curse of Osiris, it would seem.

If you’ve watched gameplay footage from Mercury, you may have noticed it’s not the biggest area you could wish for. It turns out the devs decided to compensate for the lack of size of the base map by letting you travel through time. The Infinite Forest is a tunnel of sorts – a hub that will allow you to visit different versions of Mercury.

The forest is actually a Vex construct, a machine that lets them pull back the veil of spacetime and peer into different realities. If you’re wondering why they’d bother doing this, just look at how their conquering efforts have gone in the past. They’re not exactly achieving their goals, are they? Instead of buckling down, becoming an admirable force and steamrolling the entire known universe, they’ve decided to simply find a timeline in which they win. Neat trick, no?

For some reason, you and your Guardian buddies won’t even allow them this one victory. No, you’re going to go after them, and defeat them across multiple dimensions. Winning in your reality isn’t enough for you – you’ll have to make sure you win in every possible version of it. Seems kind of petty, but what the hell, it’s more missions and more loot. All will be well as long as we don’t have to fight any stinking Cabal Phalanxes.


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