Forza Horizon Developers Working on New RPG IP


Playground Games announced earlier this year that they plan to branch out of the Forza Horizon series into new projects, one of which has now been announced as an RPG.

In February, the devs announced that they would be opening a second studio to lead development on a new IP that wouldn’t be based on an open-world racing game. Under the name Project 2, the game has been revealed to be an RPG, though details apart from that are scarce at the moment.

In the UK, Playground Games has managed to secure a new development space, based at St Albans House in Leamington Spa, which is less than a mile away from their current base. The developers will be occupying the whole building by the end of next year, with the studio looking to double its team almost from 115 to around 200 to get Project 2 underway.

You’re bound to be familiar with Playground Games because of the Forza Horizon series, which offers a more open-world take on the Forza Motorsport franchise of games.Given that an RPG would be quite the transition from their usual formula of arcade-style racing games, it will certainly be interesting to see what their take is on the RPG genre. We know already that they are known for producing quality games in their particular field, so hopefully they can carry this over into a new area for them.

We are bound to hear more on what exactly Project 2 entails soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for whatever Playground are up to at the moment.


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