‘Pokémon Go’ Rumors: Players May Soon Be Able to Encounter Shiny Cleffa


The population of available Pokémon inside “Pokémon Go” could be rising again, as one new creature has been discovered recently.

To be more specific, one variant of a Pokémon already in the game was found recently.

Over on the r/TheSilphRoad subreddit, “Chrales” posted some interesting things that were hidden in the game’s files.

Some of the things “Chrales” found were new 3D assets, and these hinted at the existence of the Shiny variant of the Pokémon known as Cleffa.

Before players get too excited, the data miner did note that while the 3D assets for Shiny Cleffa were already in the game, the Pokémon itself cannot be encountered in the wild just yet.

In all likelihood, developers will need to release another update first before Cleffa can be made available for players to encounter.

Redditor “AlphaRocker” also pointed out something atypical related to the discovery of Shiny Cleffa. In the past, when developers added a particular Shiny creature to “Pokémon Go,” rare variants for the other creatures in that family were introduced as well.

Shiny Magikarp came along with Shiny Gyarados, and Shiny Pikachu was joined by Shiny Pichu and Raichu.

It is certainly possible that the developers are going to introduce the other Pokémon in the Cleffa family too – with those being Clefairy and Clefable – and they may just be getting around to adding the 3D assets for them.

One more thing that players should be aware of is that even if the Shiny Cleffa and the rare variants of the other Pokémon in that family are added, there is still no guarantee that they will be found easily. Shiny Pokémon are notoriously difficult to find in the game and encountering even just one requires an enormous amount of luck.

Dedicated “Pokémon Go” players are likely not going to be deterred by the low chances of encountering Shiny Pokémon, however, and if there is a Shiny Cleffa, they will likely be looking for that creature.


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