Fallout 4 and Skyrim Are Receiving Xbox One X Patches Today


Both games are receiving visual enhancements like support for 4K and improved draw distance. Bethesda has provided the details on what players can expect with the new patches in an earlier post when the Xbox One X launched. You can see them below:

Fallout 4

  • Supports 4K Resolution
  • Enhanced features include:
  • Dynamic Resolution
  • Enhanced draw distance for trees, grass, objects and NPCs
  • Enhanced God Ray effects

Skyrim Special Edition

  • Supports 4K Resolution
  • Enhanced features include:
  • Dynamic Resolution

Bethesda has been a big supporter of the Xbox One X by releasing patches for many of their games including Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, The Evil Within 2, The Elder Scrolls Online, and Dishonored 2 and the Death of the Outsider add-on. This is great news for owners of Microsoft’s powerful new machine. You can read more about the improvements for each game by clicking here.

Bethesda has also been breathing new life in their games as of late. Skyrim just recently launched on the Nintendo Switch and PS VR owners just got Skyrim VR. Fallout 4 VR is also launching on December 12th for the HTC Vive.

Are you planning on replaying Fallout 4 and/or Skyrim on the Xbox One X now? What do you think about the recent VR experiences? Tell us in the comments below.


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