‘Final Fantasy XV’ Report Coming With ‘Episode Ignis’ News and Other Updates


“Final Fantasy XV” is marking its one year anniversary on Wednesday, Nov. 29, and Square Enix is delivering an “Active Time Report” to fans. This final live stream report will be a special one, with the “Final Fantasy XV” team leaving fans with their thanks, updates on “Episode Ignis,” and perhaps a few surprises, too.

Details on the much-awaited “Final Fantasy XV” side story featuring Ignis will be featured in the Active Time Report this Wednesday. As this is the last live stream for the title, the team behind “Final Fantasy XV” will also be taking the opportunity to once again thank their loyal fans, as well as review the past year of the franchise.

“Final Fantasy XV” is giving an Anniversary Special Active Time Report On Nov. 29, 2017.

Along the way, the show will be showing a few more glimpses of “Episode Ignis,” perhaps with new footage other than what was earlier revealed on their website. News of the “Comrades” multiplayer expansion pack is expected to be tackled as well.

The announcement on Square Enix’s site also hinted at a “surprise” December update, according to Siliconera. Like in the previous Active Time Reports, fans are also expecting a few unexpected news to be revealed along the course of the live stream.

Square Enix will be revealing the results of a long-running poll as well.

The live stream of the last “Final Fantasy XV” Active Time Report starts on Wednesday, Nov. 29, at 8 a.m. EST, which is late evening, 10:00 p.m. JST over in Japan. Fans can wait for this Youtube link to go live, or watch the report over at NicoNico Live.

The video below is the official reveal trailer of “Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis,” a side story and extra content centered around Ignis and the crew, as they struggled to save Noctis after the disaster following the Trial of the Leviathan. The add-on chapter will be released on Dec. 13.


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