Destiny 2 DLC Won’t Increase Vault Space


Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris may include a wealth of new content and some comprehensive updates, but it will not be increasing vault space for players. Bungie community manager Deej confirmed the news while responding to fan questions and fans are understandably frustrated.

The war against vault space has been a problem for Destiny practically since its launch, with players struggling to find enough room for all of the gear they collect over time. To Bungie’s credit, the developer did increase vault space several times for Destiny 1, but Destiny 2 has taken a step backward by giving players less space.

There was the hope that, with Destiny 2 being a new game and supporting current-gen consoles only, vault space issues would be a thing of the past, but they are still as relevant as ever. It says a lot about Bungie’s foresight involving vault and inventory space when the studio didn’t even give players enough room to hold every shader in the game.

Fixed weapon rolls have helped alleviate some of the need to keep every weapon, but there is still not enough vault space in Destiny 2 to hold every piece of armor and weapon in the game. Add to that the fact vaults in Destiny 2 hold every item (armor, weapon, shader, consumable, etc.) in one space and it can be easy to fill them up fast.

Most assumed that Bungie would increase vault space with the launch of Curse of Osiris since the DLC will be adding new armor and weapons to collect, but that won’t be the case…at least not right now. There will even be a new tier for weapons, called Masterworks, which will force players to make even more decisions about what they hold onto and what they dismantle.

In his response to a fan, Deej did say that the community team would make sure that the developers know players want more vault space. But with a lot more pressing issues on the dev team’s plate it’s hard to imagine vault space increasing any time soon.


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