PUBG: GOTY Contender Brings Back No Man’s Sky Memories


It is official. Playerunknown’s Battleground has been nominated for the Game of the Year 2017 and this has surprised the masses. Even the developers are shocked upon learning that the game they’ve developed has been nominated because PUBG is still not a complete product.

PUBG’s Geoff Keighley revealed earlier today that Battleground is still in its testing stage hence it shouldn’t have qualified for the GOTY 2017 nominees.

The fact that Battleground is now a potential winner for GOTY brings back memories of 2016 which saw No Man’s Sky getting nominated for GOTY. No Man’s Sky debuted a year ago and it experienced one of the worst launches in gaming history.

Early adopters of No Man’s Sky were disappointed by the massive amount of missing promised features in the game but that didn’t stop the gaming body from naming No Man’s Sky as a potential winner for 2016.

Today, No Man’s Sky has improved significantly but it still leaves a lot of unanswered questions regarding the GOTY nomination.


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