‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’ News: Release Date for Update 1.8 To Be Revealed Dec. 4


More than three months after its initial unveiling, Update 1.8 for “Tom Clancy’s The Division” is finally getting a release date.

As developers announced in a recent “State of the Game” post, the release date for the feature-filled content update will be provided on Dec. 4. Patch notes are also expected to go live on that same day.

On top of that, developers also confirmed that Update 1.8 is scheduled to be made available next week, so the announcement coming on Monday is simply intended to give players a better idea of exactly when they should check for the new content.

Update 1.8 is set to bring quite a few significant additions to the game.

The first of these major additions is the new PvE map expansion known as the West Side Piers.

Detailed in an earlier post on the game’s official website, the new map expansion is divided into two major segments – north and south – and players will also be able to find the new Camp Clinton social hub here.

The members of the enemy factions located in West Side Piers will also be working together, making them even more of a challenge to eliminate.

Update 1.8 will also add the Resistance game mode to “The Division.” In this mode, enemy factions will also be cooperating with each other, and they will be attacking players in waves. Just to make things a bit more challenging, players will have to work on completing Critical Objectives as soon as they pop up as well, or they will be defeated.

The new 4-vs-4 mode known as Skirmish is also included in the update. Developers noted that this mode will feature “more gunning/less running.”

One last thing to note is that developers also shared they are working on an Xbox One X patch, but it is not set to be released alongside Update 1.8.


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