‘Pokémon Go’ News: Recent EX Raid Stats Hint at Significant Changes and Trends


“Pokémon Go’s” EX Raids have been the topic of a number of conversations among players mainly because of how important they are and sometimes due to how troublesome they have been.

Players have already brought up several issues related to EX Raids before, with many of them complaining about how invites have been difficult to come by.

Things may have changed in the wake of EX Raids exiting the field test phase, however.

Just recently, the folks over at The Silph Road conducted a survey involving plenty of players in order to get a better sense of how differently developers have been handling EX Raids following the conclusion of the field test.

One of the interesting findings produced by the survey was related to which players were receiving the EX Raid invites. Previously, there were complaints that EX Raid invites were being provided frequently to “Pokémon Go” players who just got them recently.

Things may now be different, as according to the survey findings, more than 70 percent of those who were sent an EX Raid invite since Dec. 1 were getting it for the first time, while 21 percent of the recipients received the invitation for the second time.

If this trend holds, that likely means more players are going to be given opportunities to participate in EX Raids.

The survey findings also seemed to confirm that EX Raids were now taking place more often at parks and sponsored locations and that having high-level Gym Badges does matter, as developers noted previously.

Some players on the r/TheSilphRoad subreddit have also pointed out certain things about the survey that could have skewed the data, so the findings were not foolproof. But still, there could be some potentially welcome changes if they do stick.

There are still some issues that need to be ironed out with regards to “Pokémon Go’s” EX Raids, but there is a chance that they may already be changing for the better.


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