Three Episode DLCs for Final Fantasy XV Planned for 2018, Starting With “Episode Ardyn”


We previously reported on how Square Enix confirmed they’re going to support Final Fantasy XV with even more post-launch downloadable content next year. Now, they’ve shared the first details for the DLC.

The news comes from their latest Active Time Report celebrating the game’s first year anniversary. The game will get at least three new “Episode” expansions next year, starting with an episode focused on Ardyn Izunia, the game’s main antagonist.

Game director Hajime Tabata noted that many users felt the game world didn’t have enough exposition (despite multiple spinoffs and transmedia properties to do this), and feels an episode focused on Ardyn will help properly set up the game’s world. He’s aware that fans want an episode for Luna.

Further details for the new content will be decided and announced before the end of this year, including pricing, release schedule, content amount, and more. Tabata noted that development has changed so that they will only release new content when its completely finished and sufficient.

Tabata also said that with their new development model for post-launch content he wants to both meet users expectations but surpass them and even get people who have beaten the game and shelved it to return and play it again.

Final Fantasy XV is currently available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In case you missed it, you should check out our written and video review for the game here. A PC version for the game is coming sometime early next year.


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