‘Final Fantasy 15’ News: Square Enix Confirms More New Content Will Be Out in 2018


“Final Fantasy 15” celebrated its first anniversary on Nov. 29 through a special Active Time Report livestream, according to reports. Aside from confirming the December update will let players switch characters, the stream announced Square Enix’s plans of unveiling more downloadable content (DLC) episodes for the game in 2018.

Director Hajime Tabata mentioned that he would like to release three more DLC episodes to the game next year, digging deeper into the game’s story. Ardyn will be the focus of the first planned episode, which is expected to offer more insight about the game’s world. Tabata added that he has heard fan suggestions regarding an episode centered on Luna, but nothing is set in stone yet.

Additionally, Tabata stated he wants to come up with DLC episodes that will surprise players. He wants to introduce more content that will convince players who have previously left the game to come back and try out the new features.

Further information about the developer’s plans for “Final Fantasy 15” will be decided by the end of this year. From there, Square Enix will officially give a complete rundown of the new content and additional details about the upcoming episodes.

“They are all gearing up for a big year next year,” Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto recently told the Edamame Arcade Channel. “Next year is going to be a big year.”

Since the game’s launch last year, Square Enix has already added a stream of new features and content. A multiplayer expansion called Comrades has been released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One earlier this month. Meanwhile, Episode Ignis will make its official debut on Dec. 13. The livestream comes after Square Enix released a VR spinoff game called “Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV.”


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