Remastered Version of the First ‘Dark Souls’ Game Could Be Announced Soon


Though the year is winding down, rumors are hinting that there are still some big announcements related to games set to be made soon, and one of them could even be about the “Dark Souls” franchise.

Recently, video game industry insider Marcus Sellars tweeted that Bandai Namco was set to host an event on Dec. 15. He added that the publisher would show off five currently unannounced games during the affair.

Sellars identified two of the games that are supposedly going to be at the event, with one of them being “Soul Calibur VI,” and the other being a remastered version of “Dark Souls.”

Notably, an earlier tweet from Sellars even mentioned possible platforms for the remastered title, with those being the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. The tweet was deleted for some reason, but a screenshot featuring it can still be seen in this report from Seasoned Gaming.

It would make sense for the developers and the publishers of the original “Dark Souls” game to release a remaster now.

Back when the game was initially released in 2011, it certainly managed to draw support from hardcore gamers. However, there were also plenty of people still largely unaware of what this particular action role-playing game series was all about.

Since then, the series has grown in popularity, and the latest installment, “Dark Souls 3,” garnered plenty of rave reviews and racked up impressive sales numbers.

With the series potentially finished or at least in hibernation, now seems to be the right time to reintroduce a classic and give players another chance to conquer this epic offering.

For now, the folks at From Software and Bandai Namco have yet to confirm that a remastered “Dark Souls” is on its way. But there will likely be more than a few fans checking the news on Dec. 15 to see if the rumors turn out to be true.


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