Destiny 2’s Prometheus Lens fix isn’t coming until next week


Now, however, the official This Week At Bungie post has discussed the weapon in detail, and the bad news is that we’re not going to get a fix until next week:

“First item of business: We know about the Prometheus Lens. It’s not what we intended. The weapon shipped with a bug, which we intend to fix with Destiny Update 1.1.1, along with everything else in the December update. Until then, please go easy on the players who have yet to get their hands on one (we know you won’t, but it’s been said).”

As pointed out in the rather heated subreddit, this week’s Trials of the Nine PvP event is still going down, and we don’t have to tell you the troubles that might bring, considering how unbalanced this weapon has proven itself to be.

Given the recent controversies surrounding Destiny 2, be that the locking of base-game content unless you have DLC or the backlash over the XP system, a large portion of the community seems to be pretty miffed, to say the least.

Have you got a Prometheus Lens?



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